The Team

Our teachers not only speak English – they live it.


The heart of our school is the team. What connects all our teachers is their native language of English and at least one recognised credential for English teaching such as the CELTA or TESL certificates.

Team Wängi

Wängi is our second location, which emerged from the Speak English language school. I wonder who works here? See below!








As co-founder and school namesake, Dan has been essential for English Sellers since the word go! Besides teaching, he is also our Director of Studies and dedicated content creator on social media. As a teacher he enjoys great popularity amongst the clients, especially thanks to his experience in prep work and performing of Cambridge exams.

Bachelor in History & English
University of North Carolina, USW

CELTA Diploma (English teacher)

Extensive experience as a Cambridge exam expert 


FRANCINE – Australia

Francine is a true Education expert. For over 20 years she has been a successful teacher, instructor and school head mistress (or has successfully worked as a teacher…in the field) We are proud to have her as our pedagogical supervisor and as a very dedicated teacher on board.

Master in Applied Linguistics and English Teaching
King’s College London University, England

CELTA & ELTA (English teacher)
Instructor for English teachers

Over 20 years experience as an English teacher and instructor for English teachers 


JACK – England & South Africa

Jack, as our youngest teacher, is particularly organized and humorous. Thanks to a wide variety of hobbies such as rugby, rowing, making skis himself, etc., he will certainly never run out of discussion topics!

Master’s in Economics & History
University of Glasgow, England

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

4+ years of teaching experience


JOHN – Switzerland & USA

John is much appreciated by our clients for being a well prepared and exceptionally reliable teacher. Being a dual citizen he is also bilingual.

Technical Salesman
Federally qualified Purchaser
qualified Purchasing Manager

ESCOM English teacher for adults
SVEB1 Diploma (Instructor adult education)

Bilingual (English, German)
Over 15 years experience as a purchasing manager and procurement officer 


KIRST – England

Kirst is an experienced and exceptionally communicative teacher. As a cheerful person and thanks to her professional experience in 7 different countries, she easily manages to connect with everyone within seconds!

English Literature & History
Ivybridge Community College, England

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

10+ years of teaching experience
6+ years of train the trainer & project management in large corporations


LIA – Ireland

Lia is an extremely reliable and smart teacher. With her 20+ years of teaching experience as well as fluent Swiss German, she meets the highest expectations.

Social Sciences
Open University, UK / Switzerland

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
CELTA Diploma (English teacher)

20+ years of teaching experience
Fluent in German



Michael is a well-balanced and nature-loving person. He is regarded as a true language fan and produces current course books, among other things.

Bachelor in History, Master in Pedagogics
City University of New York, USA

TESOL Diploma (English teacher)
BEST PLUS certificate (evaluation of language levels)

Trilingual (English, Spanish, Hungarian)
over 20 years of teaching experience 


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